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Yoshihiko KATORI

Composer, Arranger, Vibraphone, Marimba, Keyboards

From string quartet to big band, full orchestra, vocal and Japanese traditional, his approach to music is always creative in every aspect. "Riverside Music Garden/Katori Yoshihiko JAZZ ORCHESTRA (1994)" is still highly evaluated. "Piezas 1/Orqesta de 4 Piezas (2001)" foretold coming ethnic groove into Jazz. He shows his basic stance as a vibraphone player with drumless trio "KATORIO". Done a lot of studio work and live performance. He played with Pat Metheny at Blue Note Jazz Festival in Japan 2015. On the other side, he has been involved music education for over 20 years in music collages. He not only performed on music programs on TV & radio, but also appeared on TV music educational program. He wrote "Comprehensible music theory", "Harmony of Bill Evans" (translation) and so on.

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