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Profile - Academic

Yoshihiko KATORI

Composer, Arranger, Vibraphone, Marimba, Keyboards


age 5 Started organ in group lesson (~age6)

age 6 Stared electric Organ lesson (~age 17)

age 7 Studied solfage with Mr. Maso Takahashi (~age 15)

age 16 Attended Chiba higashi high school. Started arranging in Mandolin orchestra. Experienced guitar, contra bass, percussion, drums and conducting. Played in folk, rock, progressive rock, cross over (fusion) bands. (~age 18)

age 19 Belonged to High Society Orchestra (~age 24) as percussion/pianist/vibraphone player. Started arranging of jazz big band.

age 20 Started vibraphone. Studied with Mr. Hitoshi Hamada (~age 26). 

age 24 Graduated electric engineering major in department of science and technology in Waseda university (Degree of engineering 1984).  Studied arranging with Mr. Yu Kitagawa (~age 26)

age 27 Entered Berklee collage of music, studied vibraphone with Gary Burton.

age 28 Won Duke Ellington award in Berklee College of Music. Graduated composition major summa cum laude (B.A. in Music 1988)

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